Nautical Jacket for Boats

Sailing on the high seas there will be times when you will find a fairly intense cold product of the sea breeze. For that reason, it is necessary to be supplied with the suitable clothing to support the inclemencies of the climate that can be experienced when sailing as cold, rain, excess of breeze or humidity and nothing better for that than the Nautical Clothes.
Advantages of the XM Coastal Nautical Jacket
Being exposed and outdoors while sailing, you do not always enjoy sunshine and dry heat, sometimes you must face climate problems and environmental aggressions that need to be protected or you run the risk of getting colds, flu and other respiratory diseases.
The grey XM Coastal Nautical Jacket has a simple and elegant design that adapts very well to different tastes and body types, as well as being unisex. It embraces the body very well and offers comfort, comfort and protection even in the most extreme climates and bravest crossings.
The unisex Nautical jacket has a collar and chin protector in polar lining. It has a double course zipper with flap and evacuation system. It also has neoprene cuffs and articulated elbow pads to better adapt to the shape of the body and thus provide greater comfort.
For added practicality, the grey XM Coastal Nautical Jacket includes two front zippered pockets and an inside pocket also with a plastic zipper. It also has 3 pins that allow the inflatable vest to be attached effectively.
Its versatile, complete and aerodynamic design allows the enjoyment with the greatest comfort and protection of the benefits of being outdoors sailing and appreciating the sea.
Technical description
Unisex jacket made of polyamide with water-repellent coating, grey, size XS.

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