Nautical Kitchen with Oven and Three Fires

The Alucrystal kitchen with oven and three fires for nautical use has a modern, elegant and very innovative design. It is made of high quality materials, safe in case of any mishap and with comforts that adapt to the special needs that are required in a kitchen for boats.
Among its main advantages is its comfortable average size, which adapts to different possibilities of space and yet has many functions, including the oven, an excellent addition to any kitchen, especially on a boat. It has openings along the perimeter to ensure adequate ventilation. Thanks to it, it reduces and eliminates the smoke that is produced when elaborating certain foods like the barbecue and others.
It includes a practical removable tray that works as a non-stick grill and prevents dripping on the rest of the surfaces, as well as being very easy to clean.
For greater security, it includes a thermometer in the door that measures and regulates the temperature of the oven and its surface is mostly covered with black tempered glass, both in the oven and the worktop, the latter also with parts in steel and aluminum.
The Alucrystal kitchen with oven and three fires can be used with several options. Its burners work with G30 Butane, Propane and G31, on request, with CNG.
It has very practical and functional accessories that facilitate its use and make it more comfortable as pot holders, trays and non-stick grills in aluminum and stainless steel in the kitchen and inside the oven. More nautical kitchens here
The Alucrystal kitchen has 3 stove burners of 1000W, 1750W and 3000W. It has a size in meters 500 wide x 420 high x 410 deep. Its weight is 29 kg.

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